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CLIENT WOD: “Matt”–>

This WOD is for Matt Pope. Matt is a part of the Little Stacy Park boot camp. He stepped up his game and helped the class get 3rd in Boot Camp Battles. He has also taken the lead on leading boot camp workouts when Relentless Boot camp is off (during Christmas and for this upcoming week in July). Not only has he been working hard, he always keeps the class entertained.
10/10 Floor Press
20 V-Ups
10 Push up + Knee to elbow (complete one pushup, then at the top of the pushups bring your right knee to right elbow, and then repeat with the left side +1)
20 Flutter kicks (L+R =1)
5 min AMRAP:
5/5 Push Press
10 Mtn Climbers (L+R=1)
15 Russian Twist

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