Step 1

Step 1: Consultation and fitness assessment

Before you start any classes, we will contact you to start your fitness assessment.  Your assessment will help us examine what fitness level you are on and also let us help teach you some core movements to get started on our programs.

Step 2

Step 2: Foundations & try us for free!

After your initial consultation we will be able to get you started into the program that you prefer. Foundation programing are six semi-private classes that will teach you the fundamentals for proper movement, and introduce you to many of the exercises you’ll be doing at CrossFit.

Step 3

Step: 3 Group Class

You will need to attend at least six foundation classes to learn the core crossfit movements before joining our group classes. Once done with our foundations class, you will now be graduated to our general population classes. Knowing how to do the movements properly and safely you will be able to execute all movement patterns flawlessly!