Our price is $185.00 retail. Join today for our January monthly special of $149.00, we will also include two free one on one personal training sessions to help you get started on your fitness journey!

Unlike other gyms, we would never ask you to sign a long term commitment.
Our gym is a true believer that with our training philosophy you will see real measurable results. We have provided an introductory rate for all of our clients to insure we are a good fit for you and your goals.

Wonder why globo gyms are so much cheaper? At globo gyms you are provided with basic equipment with no direction or programming. This can be highly inefficient compared to a specialized programing and an encouraging community.

You can get a personal trainer to help achieve these same goals. Personal training can be very expensive at $80 an hour three times a week you could be spending close to $1,000 a month.

What we provide a similar customizable small group personal training experience at the fraction of the cost. With our low trainer to athlete ratio you will be sure to receive the same type of experience with a personal training at a fraction of the cost.


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